Regional Powers Improves the Volatile Situation in Afghanistan

September 18, 2021

Regional countries, including Pakistan, have pledged to help stabilize Afghanistan. The four influential countries agreed to work for peace in the region in a joint statement issued on the margins of the SCO and CSTO summits in Dushanbe by the Foreign Ministers of Russia, China, Pakistan, and Iran. On September 16, 2021, the Foreign Ministers of these four countries met in Dushanbe on the sidelines of the SCO and CSTO summits to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

The Ministers confirmed their commitment to promoting peace, security, and stability in Afghanistan and throughout the region. The ministers emphasized that Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity should be respected, that the basic principle of “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned” should be implemented, and that the Afghan people’s rights to pursue peace, stability, development, and prosperity should be preserved.

They emphasized the importance of engaging with those states that should bear primary responsibility for post-conflict socioeconomic reconstruction in Afghanistan, as well as provide urgently needed economic, livelihood, and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. They emphasized the importance of completing national reconciliation in Afghanistan, resulting in an inclusive government that considers the interests of all ethno-political forces in the country.

Given the security challenges emanating from Afghanistan’s territory, they emphasized the importance of coordinating efforts to counter threats, particularly the spread of terrorism and drug trafficking, in order to ensure regional stability and address legitimate concerns and interests of neighboring states. The ministers expressed their concern about Afghanistan’s precarious humanitarian and socioeconomic situation, as well as the risks of a refugee influx in the region.

Pakistan was keeping a close eye on the situation in Afghanistan. “On the humanitarian front, Pakistan has taken the lead, having already dispatched four planes carrying relief goods and medical supplies for the people of Afghanistan. We also applaud the United Nations’ convening of a high-level meeting in Geneva earlier this week to mobilize urgent humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan. Pakistan remains active in the international community and consults with its friends and partners, he added.

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