Research Areas

Defense, Diplomacy, Economy and Energy are some of LRIP’s focused research areas and it would be the intent of the work to strengthen the state’s institutions in accordance with the will of the constitution of Pakistan and for this purpose LRIP will engage and involve the relevant stakeholders on national and international domain.

LRIP will design its research from a legal perspective and will consider issues of public importance in a manner recognized by the international legal system. It is the considered understanding of LRIP that our country requires to engage other countries on various sensitive issues of international impact through legal and diplomatic channels in order to provide the necessary mechanism for our country’s and its people’s progress and development.

LRIP system operates in a professional and qualified order with an indigenous base, and it approaches the future by gradually institutionalizing the think tank as a human-serving institution. LRIP also encourages and facilitates people-to-people contact and collaboration across the globe.


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