Revise the Existing Connotation; Harassment of Women at Workplaces

20th July 2021

From 2010, despite numerous tragedies and incidents, Pakistan has only been able to establish one law about “Harassment of Women at Workplaces “that is represented by the act of 2010and is merely confined to words rather than action, majorly because its action is restrainedbecause of the limited word count and inadequate context.

The document comprised of 12 pages was penned down by Justice Mushir Alam and he vaguely conferred to the connotation of ‘Harassment’ as proposing Section 2(h) of the Act. According to the Court’s definition of ‘Harassment’ as described in Section 2 (h) of the Act, 2010 cannot be linked or extended to ‘other conduct being not of sexual orientation, this implied that harassment anticipated under the Act was only that of a sexual nature or intent otherwise it was not considerable.


This act only dealt with a minute portion of the whole harassment crisis and a succinct definition of such a profound term could be of no help when in need of the implementation ofthe law. To prove their selves the victim would have to abide by every word of the act and it would cause them trouble to represent the sexual intent of the harasser, verbally or virtually.

The legislation needs to revise itsact with an appropriate description of harassment for a country like Pakistan where suchissues are prevalent in day-to-day lives, a very comprehensive and adequate definition isgiven by Black’s law dictionary which describes this nuisance holistically and discusses theforemost characteristics of it. The legislation should consider renaming the connotationconcerning the particular scenario.

In the era where the world is moving towards advancement and success, Pakistan is stillcaught up in its existing affairs. Prompt actions need to be taken to address such vital issuesand these need to be dealt with more seriousness and alacrity.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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