Russia-India Concerns about Terror Groups in Afghanistan

September 9, 2021

According to officials, India and Russia believe that foreign militant groups operating out of Afghanistan pose a serious threat to Central Asia and India, and they agreed to strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation at a meeting of their national security chiefs on Wednesday. After two decades of fighting, the Taliban pushed to success in Afghanistan last month, announcing a provisional government that has received a cautious welcome from the international community.

Following a meeting in New Delhi between Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, an Indian government official stated that India and Russia were both deeply worried about the developments in Afghanistan. The two sides agreed that the Taliban must be held accountable for their promises, which included respect for basic human rights, including those of women, and not allowing militant groups to use their territory.

“There was agreement on the presence of international terrorist groups in Afghanistan and the threat posed by terrorism to Central Asia and India,” the official said. Patrushev and Doval discussed deepening bilateral security cooperation, with a focus on anti-terrorism, uncontrolled immigration, and drug trafficking, according to a statement from Russia’s Security Council. India and Russia have long been close military partners, but in recent years, New Delhi has turned to the US for weapon equipment and has formed close political connections. However, an Indian government official stated that the regional situation had radically changed following the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s seize of power.

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