SCOTUS is asked by Amazon to reconsider cert negation in case of ‘last miles’

In light of an appeal ruling, issued one day later, which broadened the split in the matter, Inc. has asked the US Supreme Tribunal to reconsider their rejection last week in order to see if the companies’ “last mile” drivers are exempt from arbitrary wage claims.

In its filing on Tuesday, Amazon’s lawyers at Morgan Lewis & Bockius said in Hamrick v. Partsfleet LLC’s 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that a clear divide is whether transportation workers that do not travel across State lines are still “in inter-states business” and are therefore exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act.According to the company, the eleventh decision of the circuit removed the sole objection of Amazon driver Bernard Waithaka to the Supreme Court granting a review to the first circuit of its ruling, which stated that the Appeals Court agreed to this matter.

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