Setting Eligibility Criteria for Recruiting Police Officials

25th July 2021

In Lahore, the appointment of police officials against the reform Police Order 2002 led to formal and informal meeting sessions among the PSP officers. The meetings mainly dealt with the agenda of constituting laws for the nomination of officers, setting the designated eligibility criteria for the following, and defining the part of national, provincial, and district public safety commissions to appoint officers.

Not long ago a retired inspector general of police (IGP) stimulated a deliberation ona private medium, mentioning the issues prevalent in the current system. He also declared that the even appointment of junior provincial police officers should also be taken place keeping in mind the constitutional reforms.


The latest appointments of IGPs in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit- Baltistan, Punjab, and Islamabad are being contemplated in the official meetings. The retired officer faced the storm of various reactions from the PSP officials. Senior officers when acquainted with this news also started discussing it enthusiastically amongst themselves.

Retired IGP Sarmad Saeed stated that the recruiting bodies have failed to appoint eligible officers for their appropriate posts. He said the problem arises from appointing the officials of high ranks than it descends to junior posts.

He also said that officers must be aware of the district profile, its political dimensions, crime pattern and other compulsory details furthermore he stressed the fact that a good system needs improved financial and operational autonomy to mend police operations.

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