Shah Mahmood Qureshi asks Taliban to be More Receptive to International Opinion if they Seek International Recognition

September 21, 2021

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that no one is rushing to recognize the Taliban government and urged them to be more sensitive and receptive to international perspectives.FM Qureshi urged the international community to help Afghans at a critical juncture by taking a variety of steps, including unfreezing their assets, during a meeting with UN press representatives in New York.

The entire region will benefit from a peaceful Afghanistan. Pakistan seeks peace and stability in Afghanistan because it will be the country most affected if the situation in Afghanistan worsens.

According to Qureshi, Pakistan has been hosting over three million Afghan refugees for the past four decades despite having limited resources and receiving no financial assistance from the international community.The burden of refugees is too much for Pakistan’s economy to bear.Qureshi stated that his country lent its full support to the evacuation of citizens, diplomats, and journalists from various countries from Afghanistan.

Pakistan, like its neighbours, wants a comprehensive coalition government in Afghanistan, according to the federal minister. He stated that Pakistan believes the reconciliation process in Afghanistan will not be successful unless all political parties are represented in the government.The Taliban’s initial statements are encouraging, according to Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who also added that respecting international opinion and keeping promises is in the Taliban’s best interests as they seek international recognition.

The US froze $9.5 billion in Afghan central bank assets, and international lenders have shied away from the country, fearful of providing money to the Taliban.Several positive aspects of Afghanistan’s current transition, according to Qureshi, have also emerged. The lack of bloodshed and civil war during this recent transition is a positive, he said, adding that the Taliban’s statements about ending the war, amnesty, respect for basic human rights, and protection of women’s rights are encouraging.

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