Sheikh Rashid talks about PM’s Tenure and Afghan Refugees.

12th August 2021.

Sheikh Rashid, Pakistan’s Federal Interior Minister, stated on Wednesday that the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Prime Minister Imran Khan will serve out their terms and that the opposition parties can take as many steps as they want to destabilize the Prime Minister, but it will not aid their purpose in any case.

He likewise mentioned that the upcoming four to six months are crucial for Pakistan and added that PM Imran Khan has been given an “incompetent Opposition,” consequently; the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) can do anything it desires. They will see the premier in his respective position in this and the next December. He also discussed Pakistan’s role in the international arena, stating that the country will play a significant role in Central Asia.

The interior minister also stated that Pakistan will not serve as a battlefield for different terrorist activities. PM has stated that it is our country and no one is allowed to intervene in its matters. The minister also said that different elements are fanning terrorist activities to create disruption and anarchy in our system adding that he said that Pakistan has sacrificed more than 80 thousand lives for eliminating terrorism from the region.


According to the minister, 98 percent of the Afghan demarcated borderline and 46 percent of the Iran line have been fenced. He went on to say that no evacuees are crossing the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan and that everything at the border is in perfect working order.

The minister also stated in the press that there are new rules and regulations in place and that obtaining a license for arms and weapons is not the same as obtaining a CNIC; you must be competent enough to obtain the license. He also stated that Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security and India have joined forces to embarrass Pakistan in the international community.

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