Ship Work came to a Halt

12th August 2021

A source in Karachi provided a detailed review and information about a cargo ship that has been stranded on Pakistan’s coast for the past twenty days. The MV Heng Tong 77 was moored in Karachi’s territorial waters for a crew conversion on July 21st when it misplaced anchors due to weather and sea power. According to the Karachi Port Trust, this influenced the ships’ course toward the shore. The cargo ship was stranded at Karachi’s Sea View Beach for 20 days before being rescued.

The latest update on Wednesday notifies that the rescue operation to let go of the cargo ship Heng Tong 77 from the Sea view beach has been put to a break temporarily. The authorities related to the job say that the operation has been deferred due to the delay in the onset of a barge. The operation, nonetheless, was said to recommence the other day.

A three-day operation to free the vessel had eventually instigated on Tuesday. The vessel, Heng Tong 77, had been taken into custody by the government of Pakistan, and an official notification was also issued in this regard. According to the notification, the ship has been detained by the government under the Pakistan Merchant Ordinance. In the interim, experts have affirmed that the ship was not appropriate to be used for nautical tenacities.


According to shipping experts, the instructions for aid should have before detaining the ship. A stranded ship can be only be interned like this, whereas a ship that hasn’t been given up by its owner or crew members cannot be taken into guardianship by the port establishments in Karachi.

Furthermore, the authorities would need an order from the court in case the ship has to be taken into charge for a dissimilar purpose, such as the payment of debts and dues. Above and beyond, the Prime Minister khans Special Assistant declared that the custody can be sued under criminal shipping regulations on the foundation of a defected ship.

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