Tackling the Minar-e-Pakistan Issue

26th August 2021.

A news source from Lahore informs the audience about PM Imran Khan’s discontent anddisappointment pertaining to the minor e Pakistan case. As the delay is increasing in takingmeasures to fathom the whole incident, punish the perpetrators and take cautious measuresfor the future, the polices continuously delaying the issue hence the PM himself instructed theIGP of Punjab to take instantaneous dealings to preclude such incidents.

On Tuesday ChiefSecretary Punjab Jawad Rafique Malik and Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghanicalled upon Prime Minister Imran Khan and directed him about the law and order situation inthe province inclusively.


CM of Punjab Usman Buzdar has also marked his presence at the meeting. The primeminister was imparted of the measures that were in deliberation for the safeguard of women.The prime minister commanded them to take strict and abrupt steps to put an end to suchbarbarous incidents against women and to ensure their well-being. He said immediateprogressions should be made to ensure inflexible castigation to these malefactors.

The primeminister also suggested being cautious and not harming citizens or their properties. Duringthe meeting, the prime minister was also briefed over the administrative meeting legislatedissues relative to the administration of laws against illicit land-grabbing, the price surge, andadvertisement in the district.

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