Taliban affirm that exit of US will prevent IS attacks in Afghanistan

August 31, 2021

The Taliban’s official added the militant Islamic State (IS) group’s strikes will be stopped once foreign troops exit the country. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP in a weekend interview, “We hope that those Afghans inspired by IS will abandon their activities once an Islamic government was established in the absence of foreigners”.

He added “If they continue to generate a war situation and carry out their activities, the Islamic government will negotiate with them”. On Thursday, a catastrophic suicide bomb attack alleged by IS outside Kabul airport killed thousands and thousands of people attempting to flee the country, as well as 13 US service personnel. Nevertheless, military response or pre-emptive attacks by the US on IS locations in recent days have enraged the movement.

The Pentagon said on Sunday that it conducted out a drone strike against a vehicle associated to IS which was endangering Kabul airport. He said, “They do not have authority to continue such operations, and our independence should be respected”. On Tuesday, the huge number of foreigners and Afghans who fear retaliation or suppression under the Taliban are set to be evacuated together with the complete withdrawal of US and NATO forces.

The militant IS group has been openly contemptuous of the forces withdrawal agreement reached between Washington and the Taliban last year, in which the Taliban agreed to provide assurances. According to the SITE Intelligence Group, which displays militant information exchange, one IS narration published after the fall of Kabul alleged the Taliban of abandoning jihadists with the US withdrawal contract and pledged to continue its fight.

During the Taliban’s prison escape violent rampage this summer to free its combatants, many firefight of IS militants were also released, which appears to be a serious mistake. IS has been willing to take responsibility for some of the deadliest terrorist acts in Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years. They have slaughtered innocent people in public squares, mosques, and even schools.

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