Taliban Refuse Pakistan’s Interference in Afghanistan

September 08, 2021

The Taliban denied on Tuesday that Pakistan was interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, claiming that the group “responded with complete freedom.” “The interference of Pakistan is a misperception that has been spread for 20 years, we do not allow interference,” Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid said at a news conference in Kabul. Mujahid went on to say that the group operated with “complete freedom” and vanquished the countries that “had been invading” Afghanistan.

“We struggled from the beginning for the sake of Islam for this country Afghanistan.” According to the representative, certain elements are attempting to create schisms between Afghanistan and Pakistan. “We have made sacrifices for the defence and the people of this country, and we will not be influenced.” Mujahid had previously stated that Pakistan’s fears about various issues were acceptable, and that the group would address those concerns. The Taliban’s guarantee to Pakistan came after Interior Minister Shiekh Rashid said in Islamabad that the suicide bombers in the recent terrorist attacks in Gwadar and Quetta had been recognized from Afghanistan.

Mujahid stated at a news conference in Kabul that Pakistan’s concerns about various issues were justified as a neighbor. “The issues that Pakistan is concerned about will be settled. Our territory will not be used to attack Pakistan.” He compelled Pakistan to keep its borders open to Afghan refugees. “A Pakistani delegation visited Afghanistan to talk about law and order. The delegation discussed security and other issues with us. Pakistan has been asked to keep its borders open for Afghans”.

Also on Tuesday, the Taliban fired into the air to control the crowd of women gathered for a rally in the capital, the latest protest since the Taliban swept to power last month. General Mobin, the Taliban official in charge of security in the capital, told AFP that he was summoned to the scene by Taliban guards who claimed that “women were causing a disturbance.” “These protesters have been gathered solely on the basis of a foreign intelligence conspiracy”. The demonstration comes a day after the Taliban declared total control of Afghanistan, claiming victory in the key battle for the Panjshir Valley, the last bastion of tension to their rule.

Panjshir is one of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, located just north of the capital Kabul. It is strategically important because it serves as the main route from Kabul to the north, where important cities such as Mazar-e-Sharif and Kunduz are located. It is primarily populated by Tajiks, a significant minority group in Afghanistan. The Taliban are primarily composed of the largest ethnic Pashtun group.

Defenders have a strong benefit due to the region’s mountainous, rough terrain and deep central valley, which forces attackers to navigate steep mountain passes or enter through the mouth of the valley, where they must contend with enemies leading higher ground.

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