Taliban Seek Release of Afghan Banks Reserve



November 01, 2021

Referring to Afghanistan’s frozen bank reserves abroad, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) statedthat the international community, particularly the United States (US), would bear responsibility for any potential humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The MoF’s spokesperson, Ahmad WaliHawmal, stated that the Afghan assets should be released unconditionally, adding that freezing Afghanistan’s assets violates international law and is a clear sign of cruelty toward the Afghan people. “The frozen money is not the Islamic Emirate’s asset; it is the money of needy people and businessmen.” It violates international law and should be released as soon as possible,” Ahmad WaliHaqmal said. Meanwhile, dozens of industrialists and traders gatheredto protest the continued hold on Afghanistan’s reserves.

According to them, Afghanistan’s severe economic crisis will harm not only the country but also other countries. “If the money is not released, crime will increase, as will poppy cultivation and drug smuggling, which will harm Afghanistan and other countries,” said industrialist Mohammad Shah Shahab. It is constantly reported that the international community has set fundamental conditions for the release of the assets, including respecting human rights and granting women the right to education and work.”If the Islamic Emirate does not implement the conditions, the money will not be released, and the world will not recognise the new government,” said Zarqa Yaftali, a human rights activist. Following the fall of the former government in August, the US froze billions of dollars in Afghan assets. The Treasury Department of the United States has stated that it has no plans to release the assets.

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