Taliban urge international donors to support green projects in Afghanistan

November 01, 2021

On the eve of the start of the COP26 summit, Afghanistan’s new Taliban regime urged international donors to resume full support for green projects in the country. The movement took power in Afghanistan in August after toppling the former US-backed regime, but it has yet to be recognized by the international community.As a result, when world leaders meet in Glasgow on Sunday to renew plans to address the global climate crisis, the new Islamic Emirate will be absent.

Senior Taliban leader Suhail Shaheen, on the other hand, stated that climate programmes in Afghanistan that have already been approved for UN funding should be continued.

“Afghanistan has a delicate climate.” “There is an urgent need for tremendous effort,” he wrote on Twitter.

Some climate change projects that have already been approved and funded by the Green Climate Fund, UNDP, and Afghan Aid should resume full operations.Relief agencies have warned that a drought in Afghanistan, exacerbated by climate change, could force 22 million people intoacute food insecurity.

However, the change in regime has disrupted the work of international agencies, and international donors are hesitant to work with the group.However, Shaheen emphasized that the Taliban would be able to ensure the safety of the project’s teams.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to providing security and a safe environment for the work of non-governmental organisations and charitable organisations,” he said in a tweet.

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