The Arrival of a PIA Plane from Kabul to Islamabad Airport

20th August 2021.

On Thursday, the flag carrier spokesperson updated that the airplane of Pakistan’s International airlines which was stranded at Hamid Karzai International Airport has now reached Islamabad. The plane Boeing 777, which left Pakistan on Wednesday to Kabul to repatriate the Pakistani Nationals and other foreign diplomats, was not able to fly back to the country that night.

In an explanation, the PIA representative stated that it was the first global flight to depart from Afghanistan after the Taliban deposed the Ashraf Ghani-led government and took control of the country in an instant.

The spokesperson said that the flight was being supervised personally by PIA chief executive Arshad Malik in which Pakistani nationals, foreign ambassadors, and officials from important international institutions were boarding.


The PIA organization was in contact with the flight group and on-ground security workforce, according to the representative, who added that Prime Minister Imran Khan and other high-ranking officials, had been briefed on the plane’s arrival. The spokesperson added that the flag carrier helped people to get to the airport and helped in getting an allowance to travel.

The chief executive welcomed the crew and the passengers. He also praised the crew for their safe arrival. Some sources a day earlier reported that the Kabul airport was not allowed to conduct commercial flights for the last two days.

The only flight arriving into the city was PIA’s PK-6249. According to the sources, permission from several agencies was required before flying. According to the news reported by Geo News, a notice was issued a day before by the International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) that Kabul Airport does not have an air traffic service. This notice will remain in effect up till 20th August.

It is important to note that only three days ago, a PIA plane had the option of exquisitely flying back securely from Kabul to Islamabad after tumult erupted at the air terminal, with throngs of people clinging to a US military plane in a desperate attempt to flee away from the country, as the Taliban took control of the capital with the abrupt collapse of the Afghan government.

With the abrupt breakdown of the Afghan government, the US military has taken control of aviation authority and flight coordination at the air terminal, with the goal of clearing more than 30,000 people by August 31.

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