The Arrival of another Two Batches of Vaccine in Pakistan

27th July 2021

Pakistan has received the second batch of Moderna vaccine and the consignment of the CanSino vaccine on Monday. Under the program of COVAX that takes the development and manufacturer of the vaccine in its hand and makes sure things work properly, Pakistan has received the Moderna vaccine.

Moderna and CanSino vaccines have arrived in Pakistan on Monday. These vaccines reached when the Covid cases escalated in the city as there are a sudden increase in coronavirus cases and the reported cases have reached the highest point since May. The delta variant has been prevalent in the country and the 4th wave is striking. The vaccines arrived just in time.

Health Minister has confirmed that 3 million doses of Moderna vaccine have reached Islamabad, Pakistan. This was the second batch of the Moderna vaccine. The first one containing 2.5 million doses reached Pakistan earlier this month. The COVAX program has brought these vaccines to Pakistan and the 5th batch has also arrived in Pakistan under this program.


The vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have been shipped to Pakistan earlier. There are a total of 4 shipments received in Pakistan earlier under the COVAX program including these vaccines consignments apart from the one that reached on Monday.

200,000 doses of the CanSino vaccine have also arrived in Pakistan. This statement is made by the spokesperson of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). He likewise added that these doses of vaccine have been handed over to the ministry of health.

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