The Debate on the Use of EVM’s

14th August 2021.

The ruling Pakistani government’s senator Faisal Vawda stated that the federal government will pass legislation requiring the use of electronic voting in elections at all costs to prevent electoral fraud.

During an interview with ARY News’ program Aiteraz Hai, Faisal Vawda admonished resistance groups for disseminating analysis without understanding the nuances of electronic voting machines (EVMs).

He criticized that the optimal moment for the software update has passed and as of now chip will be introduced, while the government will at the very least pass legislation allowing the technology to be used to finish the political race-fixing.


The senator believed and was of the point of view that technological advancement can help in establishing fair elections and stop the blame game on the electoral dates. He also stated that the use of EVMs will ensure a transparent election, but that its functionality could be improved.

He also stated that opposition parties who were unaware of the electronic voting machines began to disregard them. He went on to say that it is customary for them to criticize or bring up various cases when the federal government begins working on legislative bodies or legislation.

The senator also stated that the use of technology in elections is obligatory, regardless of whether the opposition approves of it, and that legislation to complete the process will be finalized beforehand to complement each other.

During the program, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) founder Faisal Karim Kundi requested that the national government discuss the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in elections. He stated that agreement for ensuring fairness in elections is required at that time.

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