The Idea of LRIP

Pakistan, from its conception to its emergence and in the era following its establishment in 1947, is a country distinct in its traits and attributes as a State and a Government. The concept of Pakistan evolved into an ideology, and activism in support of it, enabled it to be materialized by securing a specific land in order to form and establish a sovereign state. Making Pakistan a Muslim state, then establishing it as a non-theological state in the strictest sense of the term, and finally building the country as a democratic society was a major political perception that needed to be enshrined in the State Constitution.

After the partition of India, the leadership of Pakistan accepted the challenge of unifying the people of Pakistan as a common society and establishing the necessary political culture to practice the idea of Pakistan, whereas the study of Pakistan reveals that the well-conceived idea of Pakistan was proficiently practiced and it worked, making the people of Pakistan a great society. Pakistan has established a reputation as an important state capable of maintaining the balance of power in the region and playing a responsible role in making the world safe and peaceful; however, much focused input would be required in the area of economic development and related issues. Hence, LRIP believes that it is in the public interest for them to seek participation in the country’s policy matters and to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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