The Moved PMDA Rejected by APNS.

12th August 2021.

The Pakistan Media Development Authority’s moved act has been denied by the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS). They claimed that it was designed to put pressure on and limit the media’s power. The APNS wrote a letter to the publishers of all media outlets on Wednesday, requesting to post and comply with the statement in which they reject the proposed PMDA.

It was declared unconstitutional because it restricts and takes away the media’s freedom of expression. They classified it as an act of seizing control of media outlets and regulating them as a central body. Furthermore, the general public is informed in the letter that the delegates of media associations have also objected to the proposed PMDA.


The letter and objection were also based on the fact that to control media as a centralized body, they combined all three types of media: print, electronic, and social media. All of these approaches are different, and they should not have been allowed to exist in a democratically elected government. The media outlets also want a joint meeting of the senate with the National Assembly on information to officially and thoroughly deny the PMDA.

This May, the federal government drafted the PMDA Ordinance, 2021. The Ordinance describes it as “an autonomous, productive, viable, and straightforward” authority that will control all types of media, including computerized media, and, under the Ordinance, print and digital media will also require a permit to set up and work in the country.

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