The NAB Ordinance

14th August 2021.

A recent report from Lahore updates about NAB Chairperson Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal’s dialog. He remarked that NAB holds every parliamentarian in high esteem and prefers not to exhibit any harsh reactions towards the politicians as they are the ones responsible for the growth and development of the country.

He said approximately over a thousand people were offered several million rupees cheques were handed over to the affected people to compensate for their loss and damages at Grand Avenue Housing Society. He accentuated the claim that NAB will not desecrate law by any means, as it is assured to work while hampering itself in the domain of the law.

He further commented, on the behalf of the authority, that they do not wish to hurt the emotions and sentiments of the individuals but it is NABs duty and responsibility to bring about necessary changes in the constitution.


Pointing out the anticipated alteration to the NAB Ordinance, he mentioned that the amendment will be futile if it assists the perpetrator in any way. The amendments are meant to restore trust in the constitution and improve its stability. The head characterized NAB Lahore’s whereabouts commendable the commanded under the surveillance of the NAB director-general. He is said to have an imploration bargain bringing a total of Rs2.26 billion in the Grand Avenue Housing Society swindle as noteworthy and significantly mattering to Pakistan.

He further said NAB Lahore has expended billions of rupees to the affected people. The spokesperson stated these amended laws, are renounced by several and deprived of acknowledging the fact that NAB holds plea bargains as per the law.

He explained that where affected people are not provided with cash, they are facilitated with plots and houses and that it is practiced in many European countries with ease and success. He said that NAB has never mandated and persuaded any alleged to embrace a plea bargain with the Bureau.

He said the accountability process will last till every eligible individual gets their right. He concluded the speech by declaring that by holding culprits accountable and establishing justice, disparagement seems inevitable.

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