The Ongoing Conflict in Afghanistan & It’s Effects on Pakistan

20th July 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan attended a meeting with United States Special Representative, Ambassador for reconciliation in Afghanistan, ZalmayKhalilzad in Afghanistan. Khalilzad came on one day visit to Islamabad during his visit to the region.

On Monday, Prime Minister recapped in the meeting that the aggravated situation in Afghanistan is not in the favor of anyone in the region. The peace is in the best interests of Afghanistan and its neighboring country.

He added that any kind of aggravated situation in Afghanistan can turn the table in Pakistan as well and no military formula can sort out such cause.

Both the parties involved in the meeting shared their views regarding the current Afghanistan situation and how peace can be prevailed or help in such circumstances. Prime Minister said that the exaggeration in conflict or instability in the state can pose security threats to Pakistan as well with numerous immigration issues; whereas, opportunities will help to maintain economic ties with states and lead towards financial stability and regional connectivity.


The Prime minister also quoted the efforts made by Pakistan for expediting peace in the region and maintaining stability for smooth growth and development of Afghanistan and states bordered or surrounded by Afghanistan. There are a number of efforts put in by Pakistan to establish political stability in decade’s long conflict.

PM also said that no military assistance can bring about peace in the region and force cannot compel the states to do their will but negotiations can. Negotiation can settle the situation, resolve the ongoing conflict, bring peace in the region and maintain stability in Afghanistan.

PM also said that peace at the western border of the state is beneficial and added that Pakistan will like to develop strong ties with the United States and other peace-promoting countries. Along with that PM also explained that the Afghan sides and relative border countries should be flexible in developing ties and work constructively to maintain political, economic, and peace stability in the region. Khalilzad the Ambassador for reconciliation in-country also focused on the same aspects.

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