The Ordinance Act of 2010, Restated

20th August 2021.

The latest news from Islamabad reported that the Supreme Court has annulled the Discharged Employees in the Ordinance Act of 2010, presiding that the statute ratified by the then PPP government did not surpass criteria jotted down by the apex court in plentiful cases.

On petitions that contradicted numerous high court rulings, a three-member bench comprised of Justice Mushir Alam, Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed, and Justice Aminu Din Khan ordered that all benefits accrued to the act’s legatees be revoked immediately. The Act has stretched uncalled-for benefits to a particular class of citizens in that way contravening the basic rights of the employees

The Act of 2010 anticipates for reinstatement, Consequently, because of the concerns laid previously, the Act of 2010 is hence acknowledged to be beyond the powers of the Constitution with the implementation of such an act any unnecessary power acquired by the individuals will be terminated.


The court dictated the extraction of annuity payments after the reinstatement of canned workforces. Nonetheless, it included that the doles received by the promoted employees would not be upturned and the verdict would not apply to the retired or deceased employees, as per the ruling. By or under an Act of Majlis-e-Shoora, the Legislature has the authority to declare any service to be service of Pakistan.

By using the expression ‘shall be deemed’ has endorsed civil servant, to relish the status of, even to those people who were omitted from its designation. The court observed that the only complaint to such a proposal is if a vested right was produced.

The initiation of these employees had unpleasantly obstructed the preferment of employees of the Intelligence Bureau, National Highway Authority, Pakistan Telecommunication Company, Overseas Pakistani Foundation, State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, Civil Aviation Authority, WAPDA, and Trading Corporation of Pakistan. Accordingly, personnel of these subdivisions were affianced in a lawsuit to solicit elucidation in case of desecration of their constitutional rights.

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