The Process of Relocation of Afghan Refugees

6th August 2021.

An interest that could pressurize tense relations between the two nations Pakistan and Afghanistan, The United States of America wants Pakistan to open its borderline with neighboring country Afghanistan for the refugees. This was briefed to a journalist by a senior state department official while referring to the US new program for the refugees of Afghanistan “US refugee admission program for Afghan nationals”.

The official further added that it would be easy for people to register themselves with the government or with UNHCR on the off chance that individuals go north or on the other hand if they go through Iran to Turkey. The new program declared on Monday, applies to the individuals who dealt with US-subsidized activities and to Afghans utilized by a US-based media or non-governmental organization (NGO).

The United States state department along with Pakistan asked turkey to settle the refugees in the country for up to 14 months until they come and settle in the States. At Washington, National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf advised that a strategy should be made in a way that the refugees get settled and established in their land. He likewise added that Pakistan cannot accommodate them.


Similarly, the Turkish government also critiqued this move and said that settling refugees in third countries would further create more unrest regarding migration. They also said that we cannot make any decision without consulting our country. They also added that assuming the United States needs to take these individuals to its country; it is feasible to move them straightforwardly to their country via planes.

Two countries that can help in resettling refugees are Pakistan and Iran. The US doesn’t share diplomatic relations with Iran so they look up to Pakistan in this case. Pakistan is not in a situation to absorb more refugees as, since 1979, the country has been settling refugees in and there are approximately 3 million Afghan refugees settled in Pakistan. The economy of the country doesn’t allow settling more.

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