The situations in Afghanistan might affect Pakistan and Iran, PM Khan shows concern

July 5, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his concern about the worsening security situation in Afghanistan, which he said could have a serious impact on Pakistan and Iran.

According to a declaration by the PM office, Prime Minister Imran called Iran’s elected President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday and congratulated him on his win at the presidential elections on 18 June, which showed Iranians confidence in their leadership.

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Primes Minister Imran and Raisi welcomed the upward course of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran and agreed that existing cooperation, notably in the economic dimension, should continue to be strengthened.

They agreed that the implementation of borders on the Pakistan-Iran frontier was an important move which would benefit the people of both countries economically and socially. Imran also acknowledged Raisi’s continued support for Jammu and Kashmir’s just cause.

PM Imran Khan and Ebrahim Raisi decided to maintain high-level exchanges. The two leaders also invited each other to pay an official visit to their respective countries.

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