The Underperformance of Sports Team or Negligent Head of Pakistan’s Olympic Association

14th August 2021

News update from all three principal cities, Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore states that government feels the necessity to resuscitate Pakistan’s sports, preliminary urging Pakistan’s Olympic chief to resign from his post as a chief. Shahbaz Gill, SA to the Prime Minister came up with this indication at a news conference carried on Friday, entreating retired Lt Gen Arif Hasan to quit as POA’s president.

He has been in office since 2004. 1992 was the last time Pakistan won an Olympic medal. The prime minister chaired the meeting only to conclude that the only way to put an end to these consecutive failures was to appeal to Mr. Arif to leave his designated post. Mr. Gill told reporters that they cannot afford to be embarrassed for a longer while accompanied by IPC minister Fehmida Mirza and PSB director-general retired Col Mohammad Asif Zaman. He also said that POA had no answerability during Mr. Arif’s reign in the last 17 years, further commenting that the government would not restrain from taking measures relative to it now.

Fehmida Mirza second Shahbaz Gill’s demand. She accused Mr. Arif of being overly powerful and selecting members of his choice to remain firm in his power and position. Ms. Fehmida added that the POA had constantly liberated itself from holding any responsibility for the state’s sports expansion.


Several attempts have been made to reposition Mr. Arif but due to the international Olympic committee’s rules, that don’t let the government interfere, he has been saved for a long time. The POA has asserted for an extensive period that it must monitor the observance of the Olympic charter and the World Anti-Doping Agency code in Pakistan only.

After the news conference in Islamabad, an emergency meeting was held in Lahore and will write a letter to the prime minister, asking for a break to instruct him. The POA will also notify the prime minister that Mr. Arif was elected through a fair process in 2019.

The threat of action and possible suspension from the IOC was discussed during the meeting with the prime minister, sources said. Currently, Pakistan is suspended by global football body FIFA after a court-elected body seized control of the Pakistan Football Federation headquarters from the FIFA-appointed Normalization Committee.

Among the 10 athletes only javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem and weightlifter Talha Talib came close to winning a medal. Ms. Mirza said the government wanted to improve sports governance in the country and bring transparency. She added that the POA was also adding obstacles in NADO. The AFP is presently postponed by the POA after three athletes tested positive for banned substances during the 2019 South Asian Games. Fehmida said that the POA obliges its supporters by transferring them to the Olympics as coaches. During the Games, the POA indicted Pakistan’s deprived performance on the PSB returning unutilized funds amounting to Rs440million back to the investment ministry. It said that those funds could have been used in the preparation of athletes who were owed to take part at the Games and also alleged that the IPC did not send any report to the prime minister to get funds for Olympic preparations.

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