The United Kingdom Environment Agency is undergoing legal action over dumping

July 7, 2021

A five-year old Staffordshire boy has launched legal proceedings against the Environment Agency for fumes from an area where a medical expert has reported a decrease in his life expectancy.

Campaigners said that a letter was sent for Mathew Richards to start a legal proceeding who was born prematurely with severe breathing problems, which were intensified by fumes from a waste disposal site near his home in Silverdale, near Newcastle-under-Lyme.

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The Environment Agency, which monitors the air quality of the area, told the Walleys Quarry that the odor and site gas should be managed and challenged the site operator “every step of the way.”

The Environment Agency was asked to confirm that in view of the Sinha report, the quarry was closed, and urgently needed steps would be taken to make the area safe. A statement on behalf of Stop the Stink Cap It Off campaign stated.

“The case will proceed as soon as possible to the high court if they don’t take such action,” said the statement.

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