The United States Supreme Court gives states more flexibility in limiting voting rights

July 2, 2021

United States-On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court made it easier for states to enact voting restrictions, condemning Republican-backed measures in Arizona that a lower court had ruled disproportionately burdened Black, Latino, and Native American voters, and giving a defeat to Democrats who had confronted the policies.

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President Joe Biden and other Democrats decried the Arizona decision, as well as a second one issued by the justices on Thursday – the last day of rulings for the court’s current nine-month term in a California case that could jeopardize some political donor disclosure laws.

The court’s six conservative justices were in the significant number in both rulings, with the three liberal justices opposing. Following former President Donald Trump’s false claims of widespread election fraud in his 2020 loss to now-President Joe Biden, several states have adopted wide ranging Republican-backed voting restrictions.

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