The Uproar at F-9 Park

17th August 2021.

On Sunday, police were informed after getting information that some people were flying Afghanistan’s national flag and shouting slogans at F-9 Park and other parts of Islamabad. Following this event, five people were collected from various sections of the capital city, only to discover that no case had been filed against them.

An Afghan resident card was recuperated from one of the young men in F-9 Park by the police. He had a place in Afghanistan’s Paktia territory. Nonetheless, the others figured out a way to getaway.

According to the information provided, approximately 8 to 9 men were chanting different slogans with the Afghan flag in their hands in the F-9 Park in the capital city of Islamabad. When a police officer saw the boys getting into a fight with some locals, he intervened, and the boys were able to escape the situation.


Five people were taken into custody after the police were warned in the Aabpara, Shalimar, and Margalla police districts. Nonetheless, no evidence was presented against them. Fourteen days earlier, in Lake View Park, a crowd was seen flying Afghanistan’s public banner alongside the Taliban’s.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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