There will be No Conflict with India If the Kashmir Issue is Resolved: Premier Imran Khan

October 26, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan and India had only one issue — Indian-occupied Kashmir — and that they should resolve it like “civilized” neighbours.

“It’s all about human rights and the right of the people of Kashmir to self-determination, which the United Nations Security Council guaranteed 72 years ago.”

We have no other issues if that right is granted to them. Imagine the possibilities if the two countries could live as civilized neighbours.” He claimed that India would gain access to Central Asia via Pakistan, and that Pakistan would gain access to two massive markets.”

This is what I want to instill in the Saudi business community: circumstances never remain constant. They are always changing.He was speaking at the Saudi-Pak Investment Forum, which was co-organized by the Saudi Ministry of Investment. He discussed Pakistan’s growth potential, emphasizing the country’s youth and strategic location. Imran emphasized the importance of improving relations with India, but joked that after Pakistan’s convincing victory over India in the T20 World Cup, it was “not a good time” for such a discussion. “We have two of the world’s largest markets next to us, and we have access to Central Asian markets through Afghanistan.” We have excellent relations with China, but if we can improve our relationship with India; I know, after last night’s thrashing by the Pakistan cricket team, it’s not a good time to talk about improving relations with India.

According to the prime minister, the most successful business people are those who plan ahead of time and take risks. “Those who follow the crowd never achieve greatness in any field, let alone business.” The prime minister emphasized Pakistan’s strategic location once more, saying that Saudi businessmen could benefit from what the country has to offer. He mentioned the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project and the Central Business District project, urging investors to invest in them. He also mentioned another project with 300,000 acres of fertile land along the Indus River. He stated that water was available, but that a canal would be needed to water the land.

All we need is energy to lift that water in a canal, and the entire area will be cultivable.” He stated that the project provided enormous opportunities for both countries.

PM Imran concluded his speech by expressing his desire for the two countries’ relations to progress to the next level. “A level that benefits both countries.” “The advantages that Pakistan has are not the same as the advantages that Saudi Arabia has.” As a result, if we work together, it will benefit both countries.”

Earlier, the premier stated that the two countries’ relationship transcends all others. “We are linked to the Kingdom because of the two holy mosques.” Second, Saudi Arabia has always supported Pakistan during most difficult times.

He stated that if Saudi Arabia faces a security threat, Pakistan will stand by the Kingdom’s side to ensure its safety. In addition, he praised Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. “I’ve been visiting Saudi Arabia for 30 years, and I’ve seen a shift under the dynamic leadership of the crown prince. I’ve noticed a difference.” He has a strong desire for change, and I can see it.The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that on the occasion, separate presentations were made on investment opportunities in Pakistan in the housing and hydro power sectors. A large number of Saudi investors and businessmen, key Pakistani business leaders, investors from the Pakistani diaspora, and stakeholders from Pakistan’s private sector based in the Kingdom attended the event, according to the statement. Leading Saudi companies, including SABIC, ACWA Power, Ma’aden, SALIC, Al-Zamil Group, Al-Bawani Group, and Riyad Bank, attended the forum and reaffirmed their commitment to expanding their engagement with Pakistan, according to Prime Minister Office.

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