Thirteenth Prime Minister of AJK

5th August 2021.

Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi candidate of ruling government Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has been elected as 13th prime minister of Azad and Jammu Kashmir. He won 33 votes in the election and secured the position by a good margin. He succeeded the lead of Raja Farooq Haider over the territory.

Prime Minister Imran khan had interviewed almost 7 candidates for this post. He inquired the candidate about their future strategies and policies regarding their rule in the area. He further questioned them that how they will manage the implementation of laws and order over there. He also asked them about the management of the environment, tourism, national and international issues

On Wednesday Prime Minister Imran Khan nominated him as a candidate of the PTI government for the post of Prime Minister of AJK. The minister of Information and broadcasting also tweeted on Wednesday that Premier with thorough consultation and recommendation from everyone nominated Abdul Qayyum Niazi. He likewise added that Niazi is an energetic, certifiable political specialist, whose heart beats with the gathering’s political laborers.


He was upset about the rising requests of the people for the post and their excessive pressure to select specific candidates for the post.

Abdul Qayyum Niazi was not among the main possibility for the valued post. At first, Barristers Sultan Mahmood and Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan were being considered as the AJK PM. Abdul Qayyum Niazi won the AJK election from the LA-18 constituency. The PTI had emerged successful after the late held Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections.

Mr. Qayyum Niazi had lived in the Dulli group of tehsil Abbaspur in AJK’s Poonch region. His town Darra Sher Khan is situated in Poonch’s Battal area, which has seen a lot of annihilation in Indian shelling previously.

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