Thousands of Kandahar Inhabitants Protest Taliban Evictions

September 14, 2021

According to former government official and local television footage, thousands of Afghans protested against the Taliban in the southern city of Kandahar on Tuesday after residents were asked to vacate a residential army colony. According to a former government official who witnessed the crowds, protesters gathered in front of the governor’s house in Kandahar after around 3,000 families were asked to leave the colony.

Local media footage showed crowds of people blocking a city street. The affected area is primarily populated by the families of retired army generals and other Afghan security forces personnel. The families, some of whom had lived in the district for nearly 30 years, had been given three days to vacate, according to an official who spoke with some of those affected. A request for comment on the evictions was not immediately responded to by Taliban spokespeople.

Protests against the Taliban, who swept to power in Afghanistan almost a month ago with the capture of Kabul, have occasionally resulted in deadly clashes, though there were no confirmed reports of violence on Tuesday. Taliban leaders have vowed to investigate any instances of abuse, but have ordered protesters to seek permission before staging demonstrations. According to the United Nations, the Taliban’s response to peaceful protests is becoming increasingly violent.

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