Trading Ties between Oman and Pakistan.

5th August 2021.

The trade bodies of Oman and Pakistan were in conversation through a webinar. Both of them discussed how to establish and boost trading ties between the respective countries. Pakistan Embassy in Muscat headed the webinar as a team with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI). Hanif Lakhani addressed the Pakistani side, the Acting President FPCCI, while from the Omani side Eng. Redha Al Saleh, Chairman OCCI drove the appointment.

Hanif Lakhani congratulated the chairman of OCCI on his appointment as the chairman and hoped that this will strengthen effective trading ties between both countries. The webinar was supposed to encourage trade and commercial ties between both countries.

K.K. Ahsan Wagan the Pakistan ambassador to Oman featured the significance of supplementing each other in this time of geo-financial aspects. He also mentioned that many high levels of bilateral trade options are restricted due to lack of travel and visits these days. He likewise added that due to CPEC there are many investment opportunities in Gwadar’s city side as well.


The OCCI director said that because of pandemics and circumstances there has been a lot of unsteadiness in visits and exchanging frameworks. He acknowledged the online course and said it will clear the way for keeping up with successful exchanging ties and open the way for some other joint endeavors as presently Oman has numerous business amicable laws and orders like Foreign Capital Investment Law, Privatization Law, and Public-Private Partnership Law.

Sheikh Muhammad Omar Al Marhoon, Oman’s ambassador to Pakistan said that Oman has previously been and will further help people from both countries to establish and maintain their businesses.

The two sides assessed the scope of issues of normal premium in the field of monetary collaboration, underlined the need of investigating various speculation openings in various fields including organic products, vegetables, drugs, meat, mining, and development, and discussed the importance of CPEC in the region, Gwadar and Duqm Port.

Both sides appreciated the webinar and said it will lead to further commercial and trading ties between the countries and help in establishing further relations.

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