Two Years to the Renouncement of Article 370

6th August 2021.

Two years prior on fifth August, the Indian government purportedly denied article 370 which was set up before to give special status to Kashmiri People. This article was added to the Indian constitution after the partition and UN resolution of the plebiscite in the district. This progression didn’t hide the long last issue away from plain view and nor did it take the urge for freedom and self-assurance from the Kashmiri public.

United Nations Security Council was reminded by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister through a letter that there is a deadlock circumstance in Kashmir. Individuals around there are enduring wretchedly and impasse proceeds. The ruling government of India BJP has abused the key privileges of individuals around there.

Shah Mahmoud Qureshi has mentioned in the letter that the ongoing crises in Kashmir are a clear violation of International law and United Nations resolutions as well. There is massive human rights infringement going on in the region. Many local officials of the regions are in custody and numerous people get killed every day. The military soldiers in Kashmir are also a paramount factor to be scared of.


Human rights Watch, Amnesty International, and a few individuals from the European Parliament have criticized the brutal and rash conduct of the Indian government around there and asked the EU to observe the “humanitarian circumstance” there. In a letter to the European Commission president, they have communicated grave concern over the circumstance in occupied Kashmir while pummeling the discretionary detainment and the abuse of anti-terrorism laws by India.

The Indian chief had brought a portion of the support of India pioneers, to New Delhi in June; however the favorable to opportunity Hurriyat groups were avoided from the crowd. Typically, such terrible press would ask governments to audit their strategies, yet the favorable to Hindutva allotment in New Delhi appears determined.

However, even here, Ms. Mufti former Chief Minister brought by the Indian government revealed to Mr. Modi those political detainees ought to be delivered and Article 370 ought to be reestablished. While Mr. Modi might have paid attention to such pleas, he unmistakably wasn’t keen on following up on the ideas. The state policies need revision when even the states authorities disregard them, but in the case of Kashmir, everything is reversed. This is high time for India to rethink its policies especially in the case of the Kashmir issue.

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