UAE has DeclaredCentralized Standards for Passengers Entering their Grounds.

18th August 2021.

On Tuesday, the government of the United Arab Emirates presented new sets of principles and procedures for visitors to enter their premises and country to follow. On Tuesday, it was announced that passengers flying from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Nepal must undertake PCR tests before boarding flights bound for the United Arab Emirates.

The Gulf state has also mandated that travelers come to the airport six hours (up from four hours) before their flight to pass the quick PCR test. All the airlines were ordered to follow the guidelines provided by the government of the UAE.

According to reports, the Islamabad International Airport IIAP has begun doing quick PCR testing to help those who want to enter the United Arab Emirates. According to the information, the Islamabad International Airport, in collaboration with legitimate laboratories, is giving cutting-edge services to travelers to avoid any inconvenience.


Passengers seeking to fly to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are subjected to quick PCR testing daily. These experiments are being carried out on the airport grounds. The airports at Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, and Sialkot are all equipped with passenger amenities. Dr. Itaza, who deals with passengers at Islamabad International Airport, informs that all of the labs are also on the premises of the airport.

There are agreements signed between the laboratories and the airlines to carry out the entire test within the area of airports. The UAE modified its travel rules for Pakistani visitors a little more than a week ago, making a quick PCR test four hours before departure mandatory. Many travelers who wanted to visit UAE were stranded due to a lack of tests facilities.

Airlines in Pakistan were working with healthcare professionals in the nation to set up fast PCR testing facilities at airports so that travelers traveling to the UAE would not encounter any difficulties.

Due to inadequate PCR testing, 70 passengers were offloaded from an aircraft en route from Karachi to the UAE. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has asked the government to intervene and urge that the UAE accept antigen test findings rather than quick PCR testing.

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