UN investigator: Israel’s West Bank, East Jerusalem settlements are war crimes

July 12, 2021

On Friday, a UN investigator on human rights announced that Israelis in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have a war crime definition.

A meeting of the Human Rights Council, Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk addressed the issue as to whether the settlements violate the Statute of the Rome International Criminal Tribunal in 1998. (ICC).

The definition of the war crime involving a transfer of a civilian population to an occupied territory must be met by three elements.The material elements are the population transfer into the territory, which is the result of an international armed conflict.

These elements were met when, during an international armed conflict in 1967, Israel captured East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza. The third element is mental and requires both the intent and the conscience of the offender. The third element is mental.

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The report notes that Israel has a long history of supporting the settlements and that its policies are in direct violation of international law. The government is “in full knowledge of the clear directions taken by the international community.”

Lynk concluded that Israel’s conduct meets the war criminal definition and thus falls within the ICC’s jurisdiction. He suspects Israel of not being “serious about peace” because of its ongoing disobedience of the Rome Statute.

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