Unresolved Issue: The ECP Members

27th July 2021

In Islamabad, the ECP will be lacking designated officials as members from KPK andPunjab are certain of taking retirement on present KPK. The commission is said toremain void of the members for an uncertain period, as currently there are nosubstitutions for them.

According to law, the ECP members are to be replaced within a span of 45 days, but nowand even and a year ago these principles were overlooked. ECP encompasses the chiefelection commissioner and four members each from one province.

Nevertheless, in 2016, infringing the constitutional endowment restricts re-employment of judges of the superior judiciary, 75% of the commission was formed byre-allocating jobs to the prior members.One is a former judge of Balochistan high court, and the rest of the two were retiredjustices from KPK and Punjab. Article 207 (2) of the Constitution condemns and strictlyforbids officials of supreme and high courts to participate in any judicial, or profitservices of Pakistan, before the cessation of the two-year contract they hold.


None amongst those 3 judges abided by the law, one rather took oath at an in profitservice after his recent resignation in 2016.Systematically, the prime minister in soundings with the opposition leader underlinesthree names for every single position of an ECP affiliate to a parliamentary panel forvalidation.

PML-N searched over the list of ECP members who were considered ineligible for theappointment, referred to PPP for consensus but failed to cooperate. Currently, even the government has been unable to resolve the issue and it prevails formore than a year now.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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