Upgrading resources augment country’s image in International community

15th July 2021.

The Minister of Information and Broadcast, Fawad Chaudry on Wednesday addressed individuals in a workshop held by the Center for Law and Security (CLAS). He intentionally said that how media has had its influence in the foundation of various accounts and war period at the International level. The marvels of slandering the nations have been an antiquated apparatus to accomplish political objectives at the global level.

He is the interim additionally exhorted that building up and propelling our institutional and executive areas are essential to contain the promulgation emerging at various levels. He organized his idea by alluding to War against Terrorism, the penances Pakistan and its native individuals offered for this reason, and thereafter was their endeavors went vain and not perceived by any western paper.

The Minister additionally examined around 800 phony organizations utilized by adjoining nations to slander Pakistan. He said there are various connections and fake research organizations that are working for such reasons and influence the choice or strategy-making methodologies of the country.


Consistent strategies are running at the global level to structure worldwide law and Pakistan has qualified senior lawful specialists who hold direction in such a manner and can offer at a proficient level too.

The minister also asked the nation to capitalize on different sectors, institutions and introduce or adopt new technology to excel in this technologically advanced era. Numerous challenges come in our way of progression but we cannot let them take us down. We need to work in unity with the strength to establish and capitalize on our different executive working sectors

After huge misfortune in World War 2, the International framework arrived at a resolution that society needs a better approach for deduction as there is a need for a new security methodology, not war. Minister further added that as in the past individuals utilized lawfare to characterize warfare, yet a few states utilize this publicity to destruct rival states exclusively.

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