US Ends Up Role of Global War, Blinken

September 4, 2021

President Joe Biden’s slogan is “the United States is back,” but his unreconstructed withdrawal from Afghanistan shows that America will not be back to the status quo. Outside the trauma of the Kabul evacuation, Biden is advocating for a much broader retreat: a cessation of the use of vast military funds to maintain order and US principles around the world.

“This action about Afghanistan is not just about Afghanistan,” Biden said on Tuesday in what many regard as a historic speech. “It’s about putting an end to an era of major military activities to recreate other countries.” He stated, “Human rights will be at the core of our foreign policy, but not through unending military interventions”.

“Our approach must evolve.” Benjamin Haddad, director of the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center and a transatlantic relations expert, called Trump’s speech “one of the most insightful statements and actions of liberal internationalism by any US president in the last decades.” This comes as a surprise to those Americans who imagine their country to be a distinct, invulnerable world power winner of the Cold War, then awesome military authoritarian everywhere from Iraq to Africa ever since. However, polls show that Biden’s pivot will be well received by the majority of the public.

Biden’s presidential campaign is widely seen as a rebuke of Donald Trump’s administration. However, Biden’s rejection of US military interventions which critics call “the world’s policeman” is Trumpian. Charles Franklin, a professor of the Marquette Law School and director of the Marquette poll said, “This could be as conveniently as Trump,” when Biden declared, “It’s time to abandon this forever war” in Afghanistan.

Franklin told AFP, “The audience is not devoted to a major international role, clearly not the way that the US played in the 1950s and 1990s”.  In particular, according to a new *Washington Post-ABC News* survey, there appears to be 77% strong support from withdrawing from Afghanistan , even if Biden is under fire for the unpredictable nature of the withdrawal.

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