US General calls on the US government to enact the solution of Imran Khan in Afghanistan

The US General warns of a civil war in Afghanistan, because the rapid loss of Taliban districts across the country is worrying. Afghanistan’s security is declining. Prime Minister Imran Khan has long said that a political solution is the only way to solve the Afghan conflict.

US Four Star General Miller said that he has the arms and capacity to aid Afghanistan forces for the moment to a small group of Kabul reporters. The war-torn nation will have peace only through a political solution. He insisted that peace would only be brought to Afghanistan through a political solution. “The peace in Afghanistan is a political solution. It’s peaceful. And it’s not only the last twenty years. The last 42 years have passed, “He said. Miller also referred to events following the Russian invasion when the Taliban was born in 1996 in civil war.

“As we begin to talk of ‘how does all of this end?’ he added, the way it needs to end is a political solution.”

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