US government’s impartiality towards Pakistani-American Muslims

1st August 2021

A source from the white house states Joe Biden President of the US, allotted Pakistani-American lawyer Khizr Khan as the commissioner for the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. One of four such appointments represents and this move accentuates President’s devotedness to build an American Administration and represent people of all beliefs. 

Mr. Khan was also a critic of ex-president Donald Trump who criticized Trump for his disparaging remarks against American Muslims during the 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC). Khan is said to be 71, who has Pakistani roots. His son Humayun Khan was a US Army captain, a soldier martyred in Baghdad in 2004 while serving in Iraq. He was retrospectively awarded top military medals; Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Not only him but other Pakistanis such as Sharon Kleinbaum was also hired as the commissioner of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom and Rashad Hussain as an ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. The Office of International Religious Freedom tweeted with quite an overwhelmingly welcoming response to Mr. Khan.


Mr. Khan is also known for his fervent speech at the 2016 convention, along with his wife, Ghazala. After his speech, Khan was also brought forward in campaign ads for Hillary Clinton, from Trump’s opposition party. Khans’ family’s story became a regular feature in her campaign speeches. His speech inculcated a question of whether Trump, at that juncture, the Republican presidential nominee, had ever recited and paid attention to the US Constitution. 

As a consequence, Trump quite often struck back at the Khans, which they overpassed as a validation of his arrogance and imprudence. At one point Trump made an irrational comment about Mr. Khan’s wife referring to her religion as well. Khan was born in Gujranwala, Pakistan works as a lawyer, and also initiated the Constitution Literacy and National Unity Project. He graduated from Harvard Law School from where he obtained his LLM (Master of Law) degree. He is accredited to practice law in front of the Supreme Court, various federal district courts, Washington DC, and New York State courts of the United States. He is the 6th Pakistani-American to join the Biden team. 

Last month, Biden admitted Lina Khan into his team as a top federal regulator to lead the Federal Trade Commission and Pakistani-American Salman Ahmed into his foreign policy team at the US State Department to assist as director of policy planning. This was the second such induction of a Pakistani American in Biden’s team. Before that, Biden president also hired a Pakistani-born climate expert, Ali Zaidi, to serve as his Deputy National Climate Adviser in December.

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