US President Biden promises to Mobilize all Resources for Evacuation of US forces from Afghanistan

21stAugust 2021

On Friday, US President Joe Biden assured Americans in Afghanistan that “we will get you home,” but warned that the evacuation mission would be risky and dangerous. “When this operation is over, there will be plenty of time to criticize and second-guess,” Biden said in a speech to reporters at the White House, adding, “the buck stops with me.” Biden called the airlift one of the largest and most difficult of its kind, and expressed concern about an attack in Kabul in response to the Islamist group’s release of fellow militants from prisons. According to Biden, the US is keeping a close eye on any potential terrorist threat at or near the airport.


The United States is desperately attempting to evacuate thousands of people before the August 31 deadline, though Biden stated this week that US troops stationed at Kabul airport providing security for the evacuation could stay longer if necessary. According to him, approximately 13,000 people have been evacuated on US military aircraft since August 14, and 18,000 people have been evacuated since the end of July; 5,700 people have been evacuated just on Thursday. Thousands of Afghans gathered around Hamid Karzai International Airport six days after the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital in an attempt to flee the country. People who tried and failed to board a plane have urged their fellow Afghans not to do the same.

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