US Senator Chris Van Hollen appreciation to Pakistan for helping Afghanistan evacuations

August 31, 2021

On Tuesday, US Senator Chris Van Hollen expressed gratitude to Pakistan, among many other countries, for assisting in the evacuation of the U.S citizens and others trapped foreigners in Afghanistan subsequent the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

Hollen, a Karachi-born Democrat from Maryland, said in a tweet, “Also as the last US troops leave Afghanistan, I will do everything in my potential to force all the US back to the house as well as provide permission to stay to our Afghan partners jeopardized by their help for the US”.

He went on to say, “We are also grateful to Qatar, the UAE, Pakistan, Kuwait, and many others for their assistance with rescue operations endeavors.” In the meantime, Asad Majeed Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, tweeted that he spoke with Hollen over the phone.

According to Majeed, he briefly explained the US Senator on Pakistan’s “help for evacuation procedures of the US, Afghan, and other nationals from Afghanistan.” “I expressed Pakistan’s view on the importance of achieving a comprehensive political settlement in Afghanistan,” he added.

Last week, US Senator Lindsey Graham expressed gratitude to Pakistan for assisting with evacuation initiatives in the war-torn country, emphasizing the importance of including Pakistan in a “sustainable approach” to the conflict in Afghanistan.

“Each and every sustainable approach in Afghanistan has to include Pakistan,” the US senator tweeted, urging the region “very difficult” and the current situation “threatening.”

“I highly appreciate the Pakistani government’s efforts to help with the evacuation of US citizens, allies, and other nations,” Graham wrote on Twitter.

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