We are prepared to face any consequences, but won’t allow US bases in Pakistan to be operational; COAS Bajwa

July 4, 2021

Pakistan-On Thursday, the military leadership told a parliamentary committee that while Pakistan is prepared to deal with any consequences, it will not allow the US to establish military airbases on its soil.

The meeting was held behind closed doors against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s precarious security situation, which could have catastrophic results for Pakistan. Pakistan’s strategy and the challenge in Afghanistan were also discussed by the parliamentary committee.

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The military authorities have stated that Afghanistan’s future is dull, and the committee has been informed about the negative effect on the neighboring country of the recent unrest. United States and military officers have already warned against the greatest possible impact on Pakistan during a civil war in Afghanistan.

The unrest is expected to trigger a new flood of refugees, embolden terrorist groups and present Pakistan with a host of other challenges. The main concern was also the flooding of new refugees into Pakistan, which Pakistan could not handle.

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