Zohaib Hassan talks about Nazia Hassan’s Court Testimonies.

13th August 2021.

Famous pop star Zohaib Hassan, the brother of famous deceased pop star Nazia Hassan, stated on Thursday that in an assertion recorded after an oath in London, Nazia stated that her then-husband, Ishtiaq Baig, had given her something harmful to eat and also abused her.

Mr. Zohaib Hassan, while speaking with a television channel Geo News, stated that she had clearly stated her desire for a divorce from her husband, which was also affirmed by a handwritten statement attested by the Pakistan High Commission in London.

The pop star also cleared up a rumor about him accusing her sister’s ex-husband and stated that it was not him who accused Mr. Baig of anything, but Nazia who wrote all of this herself. In the United Kingdom, when someone is unable to appear in court, a prosecutor is appointed, to whom an assertion is given under oath. According to Zohaib, the lawyer met with Nazia and documented a 10-page testimony.


The pop star also stated that he came across the court documents while sorting through papers following his father’s death. He also stated that the testimony in the documents shows the man made such circumstances that Nazia had to eat or drink explicit things which later harmed her and treated her very poorly.

Mr. Zohaib Hassan also asserted that this man frequently appears on television, displaying her medical records and spreading false information that they were not divorced on Nazia’s birthday or death anniversary, adding that these things disturb our family. According to Zohaib, the man should avoid discussing Nazia under Sharia law, even though the two are divorced. Nazia Hassan, 35, died in London of cancer in the lungs.

In an interview with Samaa, he discussed how her sister was treated poorly during her cancer treatment. He went over the court documents, quoting some statements and testimony. He briefed the case by stating that she believed she was being poisoned with arsenic through her food. He also stated that Nazia had ovarian cancer that was treated after one of her ovaries was removed. She was in remission, and doctors gave her NOC. She then traveled to Morocco and Thailand with Baig, and when she returned, we discovered she had lung cancer because she was coughing blood.

Zohaib said that Nazia was kept in the UK by Baig and afterward even when she died; her body was retained by Scotland Yard, who was testing the situation. He said with sorrow that leaving Nazia with him was their biggest mistake.

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